Mid Sussex Freethinkers is founded. The group aims to advance secularist causes and campaign to challenge religious privilege and discrimination as well as combatting religious interference in education.


Mid Sussex Freethinkers is replaced by West Sussex Humanists, with a view to advancing wider humanist causes while staying true to the group’s secular roots.


Chichester Humanists is founded by a small group of friends who wanted to promote rational thinking and a compassionate, non-religious worldview in Chichester.


Chichester Humanists becomes a partner group of Humanists UK (then the British Humanist Association).


Chichester Humanists joins the South Central England Humanist Network, a network of humanist groups across the south of England. We have since collaborated closely with other humanist groups in the network, including helping to set up a new group in Portsmouth.


Chichester Humanists holds its first public talk as part of the Festival of Chichester. We will continue to partner with the festival in future years.


Chichester Humanists officially becomes a branch group of Humanists UK.