Humanist UK Celebrants Available to Work in West Sussex

This is a list of celebrants in the area who are trained and accredited by Humanists UK. This means that they are part of a national network of celebrants, who are committed to humanist ideals. Humanists UK celebrants are regularly peer-reviewed, fully insured, and have the benefit of working as part of a team. The list below indicates where celebrants are based, and which ceremonies they do. Please note that celebrants will generally travel further to conduct weddings and namings than funerals, so for funerals you may wish to start with the celebrant who is based nearest to you.

You can also find Humanist UK celebrants by using the celebrant finder:

Photo of Jane Blackman

Jane Blackman – Namings, Weddings, Funerals
07814 208087

Justine Chase Grey – Weddings, Funerals
07917 116414

Photo of Hannah Green

Hannah Green – Funerals
07855 272241

Photo of Jan Halliday

Jan Halliday – Weddings, Namings
07801 697 926

Photo of Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy – Weddings, Funerals
01428 714158 | 07753 679050

Photo of Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin – Funerals, Namings
01273 929332 | 07748 902174

Photo of Nick Myers

Nick Myers – Weddings, Namings
07776 251088

Trevor Thwaites – Weddings, Funerals