18/12/18Winter SocialGroup meal.
20/11/18Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion on pseudoscience, Saudi Arabia, and recent events.
16/10/18Social and discussionGroup meet-up and discussion.
18/09/18How To Be Reasonable (By Someone Who Tried Everything Else)Rebecca Fox discussed her journey from Wiccan to Skeptic, and towards reasonableness
21/08/18The Origin of the Universe and LifeAndrew Edmondson discussed science and history as part of the Zeta Course.
17/07/18The FreemasonsMaurice Adams discussed what it means to be a Mason, as well as contemporary Freemasonry practice in the UK
19/06/18Social and discussionGroup meet-up and discussion.
17/06/18World Humanist Day: Walk and TalkHistoric tour of Southampton with other local humanist groups, followed by a talk from Richard Acton on ‘Having More Productive Disagreements’.
15/05/18Climate Apocalypse? Hope and the Future of the WorldDr Tommy Lynch argued that climate change reveals something fundamental about humanity’s relationship to the rest of nature.
17/04/18Social: The Funny Side of HumanismGroup meet-up and discussion about comedy.
20/03/18A Secular Bible?Dr Hannah M. Strømmen discussed how biblical texts continue to circulate in the public sphere and why this corpus of ancient texts might still seem relevant today.
20/02/18SocialGroup meet-up and discussion.
16/01/18Zeta Course TrialAndrew Edmondson presented the first session of the Zeta Course – a positive, non-religious alternative to the Christian Alpha Course.