10/12/19Winter SocialJoint meal with Chichester Skeptics in the Pub.
26/11/19The Religious and the Secular: True Enemies?Hannah Timson discussed whether secularism necessarily entails the decline of religious traditions.
22/10/19Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion on technology, patriotism, and a humanist Ten Commandments.
24/09/19Assisted Dying: Controlling Your Own DeathNikkan Woodhouse discussed the campaign for assisted dying in the UK.
27/08/19BeliefAndrew Edmondson discussed belief as part of the Zeta Course.
23/07/19Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion on populism, non-religious community, and mindfulness.
24/06/19The Roots and Fruits of HumanismProfessor A. C. Grayling explored the ethics, ideas, and values of humanists at a Festival of Chichester event.
28/05/19Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion on education, free speech, and climate change protests.
23/04/19Effective Altruism: An IntroductionGeorge Bridgewater discussed effective altruism.
26/03/19Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion on adult social care, feminism, and conspiracy theories.
26/02/19Music: A Humanist PerspectiveTeddy Prout entertained the group at the piano and explored the concepts of music and how humans use it to create meaning in our lives.
22/01/19Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion on meat-eating, euthanasia, and public criticism of religion.