15/12/20The Nativity: A Critical ExaminationJonathan M.S. Pearce on ‘The Nativity: A Critical Examination’.
The nativity of Jesus carries much cultural recognition, but does the Biblical narrative command much support in the academic world?
03/11/20The Trouble with Faith (in) Schools: Campaigning Against Illegitimate Religious Influence in SchoolsDr Ruth Wareham provided an outline of Humanists UK’s campaigning work on a variety of educational issues (including faith schools, relationships and sex education, collective worship, illegal schools, and Religious Education).
13/10/20Is There a Universal Morality We Can All Rely On?Andrew Edmondson discussed morality as part of the Zeta Course.
22/09/20Online Pub QuizJoint pub quiz with Chester Humanists.
25/08/20Human Bias: Cognitive Bias, Illusions, and Conspiracy TheoriesAndrew Edmondson discussed human bias as part of the Zeta Course.
28/07/20Online Think ‘n’ Drink: What Comes After Covid-19?Group discussion on post-covid prospects.
30/06/20Online Think ‘n’ Drink: Pandemics and ProtestsGroup discussion on the relationship between pandemics and protests.
16/06/20Online Pub QuizJoint pub quiz with Chichester Skeptics in the Pub.
26/05/20Online Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion: ‘How much freedom are we willing to give up in exchange for safety during the coronavirus crisis?’
25/02/20Think ‘n’ DrinkGroup discussion on: military intervention, the generational divide.
28/01/20Veganism: Why Do People Choose It?Jeremy Hess discussed veganism and animal rights.