28/07/2021Refugees take Sanctuary in ChichesterTony talked about the work of Sanctuary in Chichester in the context of the broader situation with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and beyond.
22/06/2021How the World Thinks, with Julian BagginiJulian will explain how philosophy has developed around the world and both impacted and reflected the cultures in which it flourished.
25/05/2021One Life: An Introduction to HumanismThis is the first session of the One Life course, devised by Humanists UK and Chester Humanists to provide an overview of the humanist worldview.
20/04/2021Climate Breakdown: Changing the Story and Protecting Our PlanetChichester Humanists and Brighton Humanists held a discussion about what humanists can do to support efforts to combat human-made climate change.
09/03/2021Online Discussion: Why Is the 2021 Census So Important?Humanists UK are campaigning to raise awareness of the need for those who don’t believe in or practise a religion to tick ‘No religion’ (in England and Wales) or ‘None’ (in Northern Ireland) in the 2021 Census.
23/02/2021Well-doing and well-being’: A history of humanism in the UKIn celebration of Humanists UK’s 125th anniversary, Maddy talked to us about the long history and significant influence of humanism in the UK, with a specific focus on the development of the organisation we know today.
26/01/2021Online Pub QuizWhether you’re a humanist, curious about humanism, or just want to while away an evening with some brain-teasers, everyone is welcome. We can promise tantalising questions and great company!