22/06/2021How the World Thinks, with Julian BagginiJulian will explain how philosophy has developed around the world and both impacted and reflected the cultures in which it flourished.
25/05/2021One Life: An Introduction to HumanismThis is the first session of the One Life course, devised by Humanists UK and Chester Humanists to provide an overview of the humanist worldview.
20/04/2021Climate Breakdown: Changing the Story and Protecting Our PlanetChichester Humanists and Brighton Humanists held a discussion about what humanists can do to support efforts to combat human-made climate change.
09/03/2021Online Discussion: Why Is the 2021 Census So Important?Humanists UK are campaigning to raise awareness of the need for those who don’t believe in or practise a religion to tick ‘No religion’ (in England and Wales) or ‘None’ (in Northern Ireland) in the 2021 Census.
23/02/2021Well-doing and well-being’: A history of humanism in the UKIn celebration of Humanists UK’s 125th anniversary, Maddy talked to us about the long history and significant influence of humanism in the UK, with a specific focus on the development of the organisation we know today.
26/01/2021Online Pub QuizWhether you’re a humanist, curious about humanism, or just want to while away an evening with some brain-teasers, everyone is welcome. We can promise tantalising questions and great company!