Join us on Zoom from 19.30 on Tuesday 9 March to discuss the importance of humanist responses to the 2021 Census.

Many government decisions are made on the basis of Census data. Inflated religion numbers are used to justify things like discriminatory admissions and curriculums in faith schools, the exclusion of non-religious pastoral support workers in some hospitals, the use of religious services in place of civic events for important national occasions like Remembrance Day, and the continuation of anti-democratic absurdities like bishops voting in Parliament.

Humanists UK are campaigning to raise awareness of the need for those who don’t believe in or practise a religion to tick ‘No religion’ (in England and Wales) or ‘None’ (in Northern Ireland) in the 2021 Census. We will discuss why the Census is important and what can humanists do to make the most of a flawed question (…/2021-census-to-continue-to…/). Whether you’re a humanist, curious about humanism, or just want to chat with some like-minded people, everyone is welcome.

Spaces are limited and registration is essential. We will be using Zoom and a link will be emailed to you ahead of the event.

We look forward to seeing you!

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