On 20th April 2021, Chichester Humanists and Brighton Humanists heard from Dr Tony Whitbread and Paul Hannam on what humanists can do to support efforts to combat human-made climate change.

This year, the UK plays host to world leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), giving us all an opportunity to re-examine our relationship with the environment and our moral obligations towards our planet. As humanists, it is important that we advocate for science and evidence-based decision-making around sustainability and climate change. But how can we act on our moral duty towards the welfare of our fellow beings and the natural world? What can we do to protect our planet?

Our panel of expert speakers discussed issues around ecology and the environment, as well as what behaviour changes are needed to improve our relationship with our planet. They addressed questions including: How can humanists face the challenges associated with climate breakdown and ecological collapse? What can we do to improve public understanding of these issues? How can we preserve the planet for the sake of current and future generations?

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